What if your pain could become your friend?

What if you no longer needed to fear the sadness and panicked state you find yourself spiraling toward in certain moments?

What if your anxiety, depression, stress, mental health, and burn-out transpired to be some of the greatest gifts in your life?

I know this is achievable because I came from that place myself in my adult life, deeply stuck and embedded in the darkness until it was time for me to find my way back out into the light. My journey of transformation may turn out to be the greatest gift in life, and one of my most significant personal achievements.

As a child, I was always dreaming and creating… I spent my days sculpting, making candles, designing clothes and building magical hideouts in the garden with all the twigs and branches and leaves I could find. I was encouraged to use my creative imagination, so I learned to think outside the box.

On Sundays, my dad would buy giant bricks of cheese from the market and carve cheese trains for dinner, for my siblings and me. Each train became an adventurous story, which delighted us no end, but infuriated my mum as it meant there were three hungry children with no dinner on the table on the nights’ dad was in charge, but it didn’t matter – it was enchanting.

I’m an empath, a curious being who is driven to help my clients discover the magic that sits on the other side of their fear and darkness.

My early passion for creativity has helped me adapt my unique style of psychotherapy and mentoring. I work with clients from a vast mix of industries, some famous, some infamous, but regardless of who the person is; I get the honor of helping to facilitate change and watch the humbling experience of positive results.

I found a way to use my early childhood life tools in my professional work to help take my clients on their inspirational journey of transformation.

If you would like to know more about myself or my work, please connect with me and start a conversation.

Therapy is a journey of exploration, learning new tools to live life more skilfully – helping to expand and deepen our awareness.

While we all are unique souls, we each share three simple needs…
to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved – unconditionally.

“When the pain of the present is greater than the fear of the unknown, it is then that we move.”



“When the pain of the present is greater than the fear of the unknown
it is then that we move”




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