Integration therapy – helping to integration and process pre and post life journey experience

Somatic therapy – Body work

Reki Practitioner / Healer 

Breath work- for trauma release / healing 

Private Practice USA 

Gary Trainer Clinic:  – Private Practice:  Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy and Holistic Treatment Centre. Primrose Hill, London.

Glyde.co – Online therapy site – http://www.Glyde.co

The Grove Practice – Private Practice for Individuals and Couples – London W1

CCPE – Centre For Counselling and Psychotherapy. Paddington/Maida Vale, London.

Fresh Start – A community interest company offering low cost, long-term psychotherapy. Paddington, London.

The Caravan – Drop-in Counselling and Psychotherapy service. Piccadilly London.

Help – Short and long-term therapy. Notting Hill, London.

Barnet NHS Psychiatry Outpatients – Mental Health Psychiatry Unit

The Stress Project – a crisis therapy center offering free counseling and support predominately with mental health. Highbury, London.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen 

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